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All JWH Products Banned in USA – DEA

The chemicals JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, and CP-47,947 are temporarily controlled as of November 24, 2010; furthermore, the sale or possession of these chemicals or any smoking blends containing them is now illegal.

These substances will be controlled for a year while the DEA and DHHS further study them for a final conclusion on whether it should be controlled or not.

The real question is…

What does this mean for vendors and consumers? In the mean time, vendors will most likely re-create their smoking blends with other synthetic cannabinoids like JWH-081, JWH-250, RCS-4, and RCS-8 (not covered under analogue act or by the recent ban). Consumers may be disappointed until these companies release their new products.

While I personally feel that all prohibition is bad, I do believe that this is a step in the right direction. People are smoking these blends because they are far more easily obtained than marijuana. Humans are usually reckless and irresponsible by nature (especially teenagers, the target population for this product) – so it makes sense that kids will abuse these smoking blends, freak themselves out, and end up in the ER. This whole fiasco more than likely could have been avoided if marijuana was not absurdly scheduled in the first place.

These examples of young adult irresponsibility is mirrored in the current 4 Loko situation as well.

  • MarshMellooww Man

    The ban stinks. The DEA is a group of unelected people,, how’d this happen? The great thing is science is one step ahead of them. I have in my possession 2 different ones which I can’t name until this ban is fully in effect. Visit my website if you’d like to test em out, I’m anxious to hit up my local shops with the 100% un-banned blend, lol, i love it, :) either email at or visit . Peace n enjoy :) Charles

  • RogerDoger

    I agree with the BS of not having elected officials give it the nix. Already the market is becoming prepped for the newer breed, some say more potent this round,, :) :) science is wonderful,, so is research, lol. they are the only place i’ve found to have the new breed.

  • HelloDolly

    NOTE — The 5 chemicals they said they were going to schedule are still legal. The ban doesn’t go into effect until the 24th of December. They have to give the 30 day notice.

  • JennyPenny

    Where can I get of list of synthetic cannabinoids that don’t fall under the ban? Does anyone know how they compare to 018?

    • Anonymous

      AM-2201 is awesome about 3 times the strength of 018.

  • HelloDolly






    are unaffected as far as I know.

  • HelloDolly

    EDIT: I posted JWH-81 twice. Change one of them to JWH-210.

  • bill

    You idiots. They have to file like they did and then have it in the register again when it is enacted.
    It is NOT banned until the second post is made in the Federal Register.
    Since the 30 days that had to elapse for feedback was Christmas Eve, the earliest it can be banned is today, under Federal Law.
    Is it in the Federal Register today? I sure don’t see it as of 1620 EST.

  • youngklu

    I like herbal incense and thought it was do great for revenue to the government in the first place. why they take away anything that the people enjoy i will never know. either way i found this new blend on called pirates cove and it is awesome definetly my new favorite and its 100% legal check it out