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What is Legal Bud

If you have ever looked up anything related to marijuana online, then chances are you probably stumbled upon legal bud. Legal bud for the most part is a vague term used to describe alternative smokes. For the most part, Legal bud has been a marketing ploy to attract naive individuals into purchasing what appears to be marijuana; however, it is important to keep in mind that the modern legal bud industry is not like this anymore.

Legal bud has evolved from deceptive marketing to an actual hobby and business practice for many groups and individuals. Many “legal high” communities take pride in discovering either all natural alternatives to marijuana or research chemical based alternatives. The majority of the “designer drug” herbal blends available on the market contain research chemicals ranging from JWH-018 to HU-210. These research chemicals are documented to act on the same cannabinoid receptors that marijuana does; hence the similar and desired effects that many individuals obtain from smoking these “designer drug” herbal blends.

Due to the fact that these designer drugs contain unnatural chemicals, many have spoken out against them and urge the public to not partake in this growing designer drug culture. A quick Google search will return many controversial debates arguing the legitimacy of many blends and the potential health hazards many may pose. Much of the “legal bud” or “legal high” community has been divided into two entities, those who support only natural smoking blends and those who support research chemical based blends.

I personally prefer smoking 100% natural blends. I understand for the most part that while the designer drugs are extremely effective, they are not natural and the health hazards they may or may not pose is unexplored territory. I almost always buy my natural smokes from International Oddities, but I have been dabbling recently with other companies like Legal Herbal Shop who claim to be 100% natural; regardless, International Oddities has  and always will be a personal favorite.