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Krypto Bud Review – International Oddities

Recently I had the good fortune to get the opportunity to review the Krypto Bud offered by International Oddities. I am happy to say it is easily one of the #1 legal buds I have tried, right up there by Jamaican Haze from LegalHerbalShop. I purchased a 1 oz. can of the Krypto Bud for $45 and believe me, it’s decent stuff. The buds are a bright green “kushy” color and have an incredible flavor. One thing I would relate the flavor to is the pine aroma from the Big Bear park in California. It’s incredible and really enjoyable.

In addition to the goodies I received with it, (a sample of Black-O, rolling papers, and a rolling machine), I thought the can was pretty neat. It’s a sturdy can and houses the bud nicely, containing the aroma with no leakage.

I prefer to smoke light amounts via joints or spliffs so I took advantage of the included papers and rolled myself two joints. I put about 1.5g in each joint mixed with a little tobacco and lit up. The first thing that I noticed was the overwhelming scent of the bud. It’s very smooth and enjoyable. It is immediately relaxing and has no harsh or “aggressive” part to it. It’s a lot like the Panama Gold but even smoother. If you have ever smoked tobacco through iced, strongly flavored water, you will know what I mean. Tastes like strong mint/menthol~ish/pine-like. I loved it!

After smoking it, I was feeling pretty calm and tranquil and decided to watch some TV. I was sitting on my couch watching T.V. and I just felt like I could sit there forever. It was a nice peaceful and relaxed feeling which I really enjoy from any good smoke.

I can’t believe I purchased an entire ounce of this stuff for only $45, it is really something out of the ordinary. Ever since I tried this bud, I have been mixing it with Panama Gold and its been incredible.

I  love to mix it with tobacco or some Panama Gold to create the ultimate feeling of relaxation. Just sink into your couch and enjoy.

You can click here to check out Krypto Bud on International Oddities Website!

  • Chris

    Hey would you suggest getting krypto bud from or from international oddities? It’s a whole 15$ cheaper

  • http://shamansgarden Diana

    I wonder that myself. I searched around through the FAQs and it says they got the IO permission. Its 20 bucks for a 1/2oz of Krypto so I wanna know too :)

  • admin

    I’ve looked at it and it says they have only used the name with permission, not the actual product. There is no evidence showing it is the same thing so I don’t know if it is. I suggest buying from International Oddities, at least that way you know it is the real deal, but if you want to try it out from ShamansGarden than go ahead! Peace

  • gregam

    you have to smoke this shit through a bong or a bowl. joints are cool but for maximum effect man you need bigger hits

  • Sara

    Interesting stuff

  • Dreez

    ok so yo. i agree with everything you just said except….when i first smoked KK it was awesome i felt perfect just like the real stuff. but the second time i smoked it i smoked to much and out of a piece me and my friend can not describe what we felt but it is for sure comparable to a hallucinogenic. we tripped for a good hour and a half the effects from this stuff was sick…so anyway we spread the word about it and we had friends all over that were trippin all day and loved it (when smoked in large quantities). we soon figured out that KK contains derivative contents from LSD..the chemical in KK when smoked enough is insane. There is no way to tell if this is as safe and legal as we think it is but we will take advantage of it while we can, peace….

  • http://yahoo Ron

    As an experenced smoker, I tried the KK and it was awsome, takes about 15 min. to kick in, I felt like I had just smoked some good hydro, I was impressed, Theres gota be something wrong here for this to be legal. If not…..where can I buy some stock in this company?

  • Anonymous

    SO KYLE did you ever get krypto from imshaman?

  • sirsmokesalot

    i just bought of of this krypto from I.O on the 5th and I just got it today, which is the tenth. I haven’t tried it yet, waiting for some friends to come over. But, the stuff seems pretty legit.

  • Anonymous

    So I got my krypto like 2 days ago and I loved it. The machine makes the joint rolling super easy and you just lay back afterwards and just chill. Definately, better than smoking some cigarettes by far and some really good stuff.

  • Jake

    The effects really do work …. No joke, I rolled a joint and about 10 minutes later it hit me, slapped me in the FACE! Haha, anyways, smoking it right now actually and it’s true if you smoke a good quanity(3grams) then you might start hallucinating , but for the most part, best thing next to the real thing!

  • Anonymous

    hey, im about to purchase some krypto from international oddities.i was wondering if i get the whole ounce in a can will it be budded like the half ounce u get in a bag for 35$.please someone let me me at

    • Toxic

      if u like the krypto bud try the new cross blend of skyscrapper beautiful buds and great high relaxing for hours i use to smoke real thing and smoke one blunt to my self this new skyscraper i smoke a 1/4 a blunt and stay good and mellow for hours on end

  • michele

    I bought Krypto from I/O and it was 35. I am very happy with my purchase and I’ve only had 3 hits on a pipe……I don’t want to smoke alot because I had a BAD experience with some other weed named Sexy Monkey and I tripped and it was S C A R Y :$ So I’d rather just be mellow off a couple of hits….trippin ain’t for me!