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JWH-018 Legal Cannabinoid

JWH-018 is easily one of the top synthesized cannabinoids out there that get you pretty damn baked for the amount. Its legal status is relatively unclear within the United States – but it is confirmed to be illegal in Germany, France, and Austria. It is also rumored that JWH-018 is the "secret ingredient" sprinkled on Spice products (Spice Gold, Spice Diamond, Caneff 5 Star, etc…), thus the damn good high you get from smoking them! 

Spice products are being increasinly difficult to get as more and more countries and government agencies are cracking down on it, for this reason one would most likely resort to other products, but why not get the JWH-018 chemical directly? That’s right, you can buy pure JWH-018 (1-pentyl-3(1-naphthoyl) indole right online.

For about $81, you can purchase 1 gram of JWH-018 from a site called "BuyTheMg". It may seem pricy, but keep in mind that you only need a small amount to get completely ripped from JWH-018 (roughly 6-10 milligrams). With that fact in mind, a $81 purchase is plenty to get you high easily over 10 times. Not a bad deal!

It is shipped from Europe and is a white fine powdery substance. Sprinkle some on top of some tobacco in your pipe and toke up! It’s a great high!




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